First blog!

This healing temple was conceived by William Lee Rand and painted by Alex Gray. The Temple of the Great Beaming Light represents our own true nature that is already enlightened and can be experienced during deep meditation. It is from this enlightened place that all healing and miracles arise.

One of my favourite pictures.


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  1. Lisa Kljaich Said:

    Nice job! You got your blog up and running and you have included all the essential information. I have encountered Alex Gray’s work before. I resolved to do daily meditation based on Taoism this year, to go hand in hand with my Baha’i prayer practice. So far, it is going well.

    You will be adding to your blog in your first blogging assignment that you will find in the lesson unit – Northern Renaissance. In that assignment you will be writing about one of the pieces you enjoyed from the Renaissance era (both Italian and Northern). You will share it on your blog along with a presentation of how the work you shared demonstrates the influences of religion, science or politics during the Renaissance.

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