Blog #7 African Art

 Wiz Kudowor, Flaming Passions, Date unknown.

Wisdom ‘Wiz’ Kudowor (born September 19, 1957) is currently one of Ghana’s most respected and applauded contemporary artists whose works recall traditional Ghanaian paintings and explore the themes of surrealism, spirituality and abstraction. “His work is surreal in that it pushes against the ordinary representation to portray staggeringly evocative truths about humanity”. 

When I initially glanced at this painting I did not see the two bodies embracing, but on closer inspection I first noticed the hand, which led me to see the bodies and face. This is a wonderfully evocative painting that reveals far more than you anticipate on first glance. I love its distinct cultural essence fluidity of movement as portrayed in the flames. I was also impressed how he cleverly disguised the bodies within an abstract theme. There is certain spirituality for me by using the flames to hide the bodies that are engulfed in the flames of passion. His technique is wonderfully intricate as the flames take the altered form as lovers in embrace.



  1. kodiak907 Said:

    Nice post mate. I really like this one. I strongly agree with your opinion regarding the first glance of this painting. I can see the spiritual effect it has when staring at it for a little while. It looks as though the two bodies are at peace with one another and their passion for one another has ignited their auras to the effect where they are ingulfed in flames. I think of this as an intense spiritual bonding.

  2. I like your comment about the bodies being engulfed in a flame of passion. You included all the necessary info about the artist and I thought your analysis was very insightful. I like to think that the “bodies” don’t really resemble like normal bodies because they’re supposed to represent the human soul that everyone has. All you can really see are the outlines. The comment you made about the “distinct cultural essence fluidity of movement” is interesting. Does that mean one aspect of the Ghanaian culture value a certain flow or fluidity of movement in their traditions?

  3. dionk20 Said:

    Woah. When i first looked at this painting, I was so confused about your mentioning of “evocative truths”. Thanks for your explanation. Now that I can see the bodies embracing, this painting blows my mind. It’s quite brilliant how he combined the flames with the embrace, yet melded them together so fluently. I have a great amount of respect for Kudowor because of this work.

    It looks like you met all the criteria for this post. Good job!

  4. lcwiley Said:

    Wow! That is funny how you pointed out on first glance you do not completely get the full product because the same thing happened to me. First I have to say you met the requirements for including information about the artist and the work. For some reason I believe this painting capture two side, first one side is them coming to together and the next is their actual spiritual shelves coming together. Question to consider: Why do you think the artist chose the colors used? And what do you think they would represent?

  5. noellejoseph Said:

    Great post! You did a great job explaining the spiritual aspect of this painting. It is defiantly very passionate the two bodies coming together. You did a good job giving necessary information about the artist and the work.

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